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Detect, disrupt and defeat threats with our range of COTS intelligence analysis software.

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Analysis Studio and Analysis Hub

Analysis Studio and Analysis Hub are software packages designed to make it easy for you to select i2 products to meet your investigation needs.

  • Analysis Studio

    Analysis Studio extends i2® Analyst’s Notebook® with features that enable analysts to connect and search data sources on demand and improve collaboration by securely sharing intelligence. It also includes a web client to make it simpler and more convenient for a broader set
    of users to work with charts.

  • Analysis Hub

    Analysis Hub is for multidisciplinary teams that need all the benefits of Analysis Studio but at an enterprise level, to enable investigations to take advantage of centralized data. It makes the analysts’ task of managing and exploiting multiple data sources much easier by making available analysis-ready data in a common location. The centralized data store also allows other users to exploit and view the same data in different ways to suit their role
    or use case. 

Data analytics

i2 Analyst's Notebook

i2® Analyst’s Notebook® is an advanced visual analysis software tool designed to support analysts in their investigations to combat criminal activities.

  • Flexible data acquisition

    A flexible approach to data acquisition enables users to input a broad range of data types, such as call records, financial transactions, IP logs, and mobile forensics data.

  • Model data to support the investigation

    Users have the freedom to utilize complex relational data and to model and visualize it in a way that best suits their analysis.

  • Powerful analysis that reveals insights

    An extensive analysis environment enables users to quickly gain an understanding of the data and pinpoint key intelligence. Analysis tools include the ability to create multiple views on data of interest using association, temporal, spatial, statistical, and spreadsheet views.

  • Communicate complex data

    Communicate complex data with intuitive and easy-to-follow visual briefing charts.


i2 iBase

i2 iBase is an intuitive database application designed to help collaborative teams of analysts capture, discover and understand connections in volumes of complex structured and unstructured data.

  • Flexible data acquisition

    Flexible tools to map and transform information imported from structured and unstructured data sources into a centralised repository.

  • Automated and Task-driven Analysis

    A wide range of analytical tools designed to uncover hidden connections faster, helping analysts to deliver timely and actionable results.

  • Collaboration and Workflow Support

    Securely share information and knowledge across workgroups or throughout the intelligence staff community.

  • Integration with i2 Analyst’s Notebook

    i2 iBase can be tightly integrated with i2 Analyst’s Notebook for data entry, interactive information exploitation, searching and browsing, and results dissemination in the form of visual charts.

iBase screenshot

i2 TextChart

Enable new insights by exploiting unstructured data to enhance and expedite your analysis.

  • Analysis-ready data

    Identifies the who, what, when, where and sentiment in unstructured content in almost any language, and quickly transforms it into structured analysis-ready data.

  • Use any document

    Easily exploit large volumes of unstructured data from a variety of documents such as reports, emails, and web pages.

  • Automatic extraction

    More than 30 key entities are automatically exacted, including people, identification numbers, dates, organisations, crimes, and locations.

  • Multiple language support

    i2 TextChart can process these documents in over  200 different languages without the need to know the language in advance. It’s all done automatically.

Two people at a computer with i2 TextChart on the screen.
  • i2 Chart Reader Request

    i2 Chart Reader is a free application that allows you to show, search, and print your i2 Analyst's Notebook charts.

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