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i2 TextChart

Unstructured data is no longer a barrier.
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i2® TextChart is a game changer for data analysts. It identifies the who, what, when, where and sentiment in unstructured content in almost any language, and quickly transforms it into structured analysis-ready data.

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i2® TextChart enables you to obtain new insights by exploiting unstructured data to enhance and expedite your analysis.

  • Easily exploit large volumes of unstructured data from a variety of documents such as reports, emails, and web pages.
  • Import documents in 200+ languages.
  • More than 30 key entities are automatically exacted, including people, identification numbers, dates, organizations, crimes, and locations.
  • Avoid manual cross-checking by automatically matching entities across documents.
  • Consistently and repeatably analyze documents to extract real-world objects, their relationships, and underlying sentiment.

i2 TextChart has been proven in numerous government and commercial installations for more than 10 years.

The combination of automated text analysis and manual input allows you to efficiently analyze a collection of unstructured documents in a single integrated application.

Watch i2 TextChart in action

Watch i2 TextChart import 19 documents in different languages and extract various entities including addresses, events, and people in only three minutes.

An increasing volume and variety of unstructured data

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An estimated 80% of all enterprise data is unstructured – and growing by more than 50% a year 1.

Data analysts without the right tools to process these vast resources are less able to exploit intelligence from this potentially valuable pool of data.

Unlocking access to such a significant amount of data uncovers a greater number of insights, improves the robustness of the analysis, and drives better decisions.

Why use i2 TextChart?

  • Consolidate unstructured data

    In just one click, i2 TextChart will process a collection of documents. Users can then select an extracted entity to view more details, including all its occurrences and links to it within source documents.

  • Multi-document

    Users can import numerous document types, including plain text, rich text, HTML, PDF, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, and OpenOffice. And of course, the extracted data will be free of human errors associated with re-typing or transcribing information.

  • Entity linking

    The same entities found within the documents  - even across different languages - will all be linked

  • Multi-language

    i2 TextChart can process documents in over 200 different languages without the need to know the language in advance. It’s all done automatically.

    Support is also provided for a rough translation into English to allow you to continue to work on a case if you are unfamiliar with the language of the source document.

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More information

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i2® TextChart is available as a plugin for:

- Analysis Studio

- Analysis Hub

- i2® Analyst’s Notebook®

- i2® iBase

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