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Accelerate investigations with our trusted link analysis software

Discover hidden connections and unlock new insights from complex and seemingly unrelated data. Our software will enable you to gain a better understanding of the complex web of connections between entities such as events, locations, and people, to enable you to crack even the toughest of cases.



is involved, what connects them, and who their associates are.


took place, what activities and assets enabled it to happen, and what other crimes are they linked to.


it happened and the timeline before/after, how frequently it takes place, and reveal any trends or patterns.


an event happened, where else do similar events take place, and how they are connected.

Start developing critical insights now

Our commercial-off-the-shelf intelligence analysis software is used by 1000+ organizations across the public and private sectors to provide their analysts with multi-dimensional link analysis capabilities.

Reveal insights

  • Exploit Unstructured Data

    Identify the who, what, when, where, and sentiment in unstructured content in almost any language, and quickly transform it into analysis-ready data.

  • Geospatial Analysis

    Combine link analysis with geospatial data to gain further insights such as routing and clustering.

  • Temporal Analysis

    Powerful analysis and visualizations to analyze behavioral patterns, event sequences, and changes over time.

  • Social Network Analysis

    Gain insight into network structures to determine key actors and influencers.

Data analytics
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Connected i2 Europe

Sept 25-26 , 2024

Join us at the Connected i2 User and Training Conference, Europe which will bring together the largest community of i2 users in Europe... and beyond! Come and hear what's new in i2, develop your tradecraft skills, advance your skills with training, and take advantage of networking opportunities throughout.

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