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Reduce the impact of fraud, environmental, and economic crimes.

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i2 is a proven solution used by government departments and public bodies in their mission to reduce the cost of fraud.

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Bribery and Corruption

Offering, giving, or receiving something of value to influence actions or decisions.

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Benefit Fraud

Deceiving authorities by providing false information to illegally obtain welfare benefits.

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Tax Evasion

Illegally avoiding payment of taxes by underreporting income or inflating deductions.

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Environmental Crimes

Activities that cause harm to ecosystems, such as illegal logging, pollution, and wildlife trafficking.

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Identity and Online Fraud

Use of an individual's personal information for financial gain.


Counterfeiting and Intellectual Property Crime

Unlawful reproduction of products and/or infringement of intellectual property rights.

  • Whilst reducing economic losses improves public spending figures, the impacts go beyond just the financial consequences.

    Fraud impacts individuals, organisations, services, and our environment. i2 enables agencies to counter fraud, economic, and environmental crimes by taking an all-source holistic approach, facilitating identification across multiple points of attribution.

  • Investigation and intelligence units can work efficiently to derive insights across owned, partner, and open-source data sets.

    With multi-dimensional visual analysis, investigators and analysts have a trusted solution to identify and subsequently aid the prosecution of individuals and organisations committing fraud and criminality. 

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Discover how i2 can improve the effectiveness of your department's investigations.