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Law Enforcement

A trusted partner to Law Enforcement agencies for over 30 years.


i2’s proven solutions deliver intelligence-led policing at all scales. 

We support every stage of the process – from Major Crime and Live Support for Operations, to Partnership Safeguarding and preparing cases for prosecution.

Our proven link analysis tools provide policing capabilities to cover a broad spectrum of needs designed to operate effectively at various scales, including international, national, regional, local, or within a single team. These solutions encompass a spectrum of analyses, ranging from strategic and tactical to operational, investigative, risk, partnership, and evidential analysis. This comprehensive approach ensures that i2 not only enhances the efficiency of policing investigations but also provides a versatile framework that can be tailored to different levels and contexts.

Tow men being arrested by armed police inside a bare brick building

Counter-terrorism and Organised Crime

Investigate and combat sophisticated criminal enterprises.

Data structure

Child Sexual and Criminal Exploitation

Crimes involving minors subjected to sexual abuse, trafficking, or other criminal exploitation.

Data structure

Partnership Early Intervention, Crime Prevention and Safeguarding

Collaborative efforts between law enforcement, communities, and agencies to proactively address and prevent crime.

Examination of mobile phones

Digital Investigations

Gather evidence and insights from digital information, such as telecom records, and open-source data.

UK policeman holding a packet of drugs

Illegal Supply of Drugs

Investigations to dismantle trafficking networks to prevent the unlawful distribution of controlled substances.


Serious Violence

Prevention and investigation into homicides and violence including both knife crime and gun crime.

Support for every stage of the policing process

  • Internet Intelligence & Investigations (OSINT)

    Gather information from publicly available online sources to support investigations, enhance situational awareness, and detect potential threats or criminal activities.

  • Complex Digital Investigations

    Analysis of digital evidence to support criminal investigations related to cyber threats, fraud, or other digital offenses.

  • Partnership Safeguarding

    Sharing information, resources, and strategies between agencies and community stakeholders to enhance public safety.

  • Crime Prevention

    Implementation of strategies and measures to deter criminal activities, reduce opportunities for offenses, and enhance community safety.

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  • Earliest Identification of Risk

    Enabling law enforcement to address and mitigate potential issues before they escalate, ensuring public safety and security.

  • Preparing for Prosecution

    Organizing a case to present to prosecutors with charting options that are tailored for the audience.

  • Serious Case Review

    Helping to identify improvements to responses, policies, and procedures, to enhance the safety of vulnerable individuals.

  • Professional Standards

    Adherence to established norms of conduct, ethics, and behavior expected from police officers.

ANBP showing ESRI Maps and Network Charts