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i2 iBase

A collaborative database for intelligence analysts
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i2® iBase is an intuitive database application designed to help collaborative teams of analysts capture, discover and understand connections in volumes of complex structured and unstructured data.

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iBase is not just another repository.

Designed with input from analysts’ real-world usage across national security, law enforcement, military intelligence and commercial organisations, iBase provides rich analysis and visualisation capabilities to help identify cohesive networks, patterns and trends, together with dissemination tools to support faster and more informed decision making.

Analysts can maximise the value of stored information through integration with i2 Analyst’s Notebook, which offers advanced analysis tools for multi-dimensional analysis.

In addition, iBase provides connectivity to leading Geographical Information Systems (GIS) through integrated i2® iBase GIS interfaces.

Flexible data acquisition

  • Flexible approach to data acquisition

    i2 iBase offers highly flexible tools to map and transform information imported from structured and unstructured data sources into a centralised repository.

    Analysts are then able to capitalise on data management tools to identify duplication and commonality across previously unrelated sources.


Automated and task-driven analysis

  • Automated and task-driven analysis

    i2 iBase offers a wide range of analytical tools designed to uncover hidden connections faster and help analysts deliver timely and actionable results. 

    These tools include the security-enhanced Search 360 which comprehensively searches intelligence stored in records, charts and documents through a straightforward internet-style search bar.

    Alternatively, powerful visual-based queries provide the ability to ask complex, focused questions without the need to learn complicated computational query languages, allowing analysts to more quickly and effectively interrogate data.


Powerful analysis that reveals insights

  • Extended capabilities

    i2 iBase can be tightly integrated with i2® Analyst’s Notebook® for data entry, interactive information exploitation, searching and browsing, and results dissemination in the form of visual charts.

    It can also store i2® Analyst’s Notebook® charts, allowing individual chart items to be searched and retrieved for further analysis and visualisation, in turn maximising the value of i2 Analyst’s Notebook charts.

i2 iBase working with i2 Analyst's Notebook

More information

  • i2 iBase Brochure

    Product brochure with more information.

  • i2 iBase Playlist

    Watch the videos about i2 iBase on the YouTube playlist.

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