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i2 Group is pleased to announce this latest release which sees numerous improvements including i2® Analyst's Notebook® v10 64-bit. Enjoy compatibility with x64-based programs, an enhanced user experience, and a host of new and updated features.

What's in this release?

Here's a summary of what you can expect in this latest release. Read on for more information.

    • i2® Analyst's Notebook® v10
      • Entity selections made easier
      • Keep the focus on entities and links
      • Find records faster
      • Export to Google Earth
      • New icons
    • Analysis Studio and Analysis Hub (Skip to section)
      • Run Visual Queries on connected data
      • Desktop 360 View
      • Dynamic security
    • i2 Notebook (Skip to section)
      • New views
      • Share your chart data
    • Software license management (Skip to section)
    • i2® Analyst’s Notebook® Software Development Kit (64-bit) (Skip to section)

i2 Analyst's Notebook v10

i2® Analyst's Notebook® v10 marks the first 64-bit version of the application.

It allows greater compatibility with other 64-bit software in use across your organization, gives analysts performance gains that will accelerate workflows, and a host of new features that improve usability.

Experience an enhanced data analysis and visualization journey with i2® Analyst's Notebook®.

Entity selections made easier

New selection tools make it easier to identify entities of interest.

Expedite your data analysis with the flexibility to make selections based on semantic type, item type, or the distinction between an end and a link. Analysts can also filter / select based on subsets.

You're not alone. Well... maybe some entities are. A new 'Singleton' option revolutionizes the ability to focus on chart items without any links, streamlining your investigations.

Elevate your investigations with these time-saving selection tools.

Keep the focus on entities and links

Improve interactivity and charting clarity with the new Highlighter Tool.

Now, as you pan and zoom across the chart, you can keep track of highlighted entities. Even as your selection changes, your chosen entities and links remain in focus, allowing you to have that "big picture" view whilst still seeing the relationships of your highlighted entities.

Customise your experience by choosing colors for the highlighted entities to give them meaning - good guys, bad buys, whatever you choose!

Find records faster

Find and search for records 50 times faster.

Updated and modernized, the List Data Records tool gives analysts a flexible and intuitive tabular view of chart data, allowing you to filter by one or more columns and quickly group similar items for deeper analysis. Analysis of 100k records is reduced from 2 minutes to 2 seconds!

And that's not all. List Data Records works seamlessly across multiple data record types (i2 Analyze and iBase records) and now includes lightning-fast free text searches.

Discover the versatility of data exploration with List Data Records.

Export to Google Earth

Send your chart locations to your favourite mapping application.

You can now export geolocated entities in a KML/KMZ file so they can be viewed in mapping applications such as Google Earth and ArcGIS.

Make your geo-data come to life and explore them with a familiar spatial perspective.

ArcGIS logoGoogle Earth logo

New icons!

Make your charts more relevant with 100 new icons.

Today’s investigations involve products and services that not so long ago didn’t exist. That’s why we’ve added 100 icons to make charts more representative by adding icons for a range of scenarios, that include social media, contemporary devices, and cyber/cryptocurrency.

Scroll of new icons in July 2023 release

Usability enhancements

A number of enhancements have been introduced across a number of features to make the analyst's job easier and more streamlined.

Time wheel

Analysts now have more control over the Time Wheel to enhance the visual narrative. Precisely control what's included by using the Selection state to focus on entities of interest, and customize the look and feel by choosing colors and a scale that best suits the dataset.

Time Wheel selections are also now reflected on the chart. As you select segments on the Time Wheel, the chart will update to highlight the relevant entities.


Conditional formatting

Upgraded conditional formatting introduces new operators that allow analysts to highlight information based on whether properties or attributes are populated or not. Use it, for example, to highlight information where a key value is not present.

Bar charts and histograms

Histogram animations bring data alive, highlighting connections between chart items as they develop over time. In this new release, these can now be played in reverse, allowing you to delve into the past and see how the data evolved.

Analysis Studio and Analysis Hub

The Analysis Studio and Analysis Hub packages also get improvements to a number of features. In addition to all the i2® Analyst's Notebook® v10 improvements they also benefit from the following.

Run Visual Queries on connected data

Avoid having to import data to run a Visual Query.

If you have ever wanted to run a Visual Query but not wanted to import the data into the Information Store or iBase then look no further! This update allows analysts to get the power of the Visual Query search over connected data.

Desktop 360 View

Get immediate answers to the most asked questions from your data*.

The roots of 360 View were in the popular i2 Investigate add-on which was then brought into i2 Notebook and has now been made available in the desktop application.

360 View can also be customised to specific user roles within your organisation, for example, an analyst will have different questions compared to frontline investigators.

* Available in Analysis Hub only (Information Store required)


Dynamic security

Update user permissions on the fly.

Ensure that only the right people have access to data without the need to work to a fixed security schema. This new flexibility gives enterprise users the ability to integrate their organisation's access control tools into Analysis Studio and Analysis Hub to seamlessly and dynamically apply appropriate user permissions.

i2 Notebook


New views

The i2 web client, i2 Notebook (available with the Analysis Studio and Analysis Hub packages), gives analysts two new powerful views: List Records and Explore.

List Records provides the power of list records in the web client with a familiar experience for desktop users.

Explore allows users to filter and drill into the data on their chart based on type and property values.

Both views are synchronised so making or changing your selection within List Records, will update in Explore and the chart selection.

Share your chart data

Say hello to our new "copy and paste" chart-sharing capability.

Seamlessly share chart data with colleagues by making a selection on your chart and generating a link to share via email, Slack, Teams, WhatsApp, or any other platform. Recipients receive the exact data set while keeping key style elements intact.

Effortless chart sharing between desktop and the web client is now just a few clicks away!

Software license management

License management for your i2 software has been introduced in this release. Besides being industry best practice, it gives our customers better visibility of the utilization of their i2 installs, which in turn ensures compliance with the licence terms and conditions.

This will be implemented in stages across the portfolio and will cater for your deployment environment dependent upon whether you have public internet connectivity, use an on-premise license server, or use i2 on disconnected / stand-alone devices.

i2 Analyst’s Notebook Software Development Kit (64-bit)

Enhancements to the Software Development Kit (SDK) have been made to ensure a seamless transition from existing i2® Analyst’s Notebook® plugins to ones that are compatible with the new 64-bit i2® Analyst’s Notebook®

i2® Analyst’s Notebook® SDK is also now available as a subscription, allowing you to pay only for what you need, when you need it.

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