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Welcome Gavin Shepheard, our new Senior Vice President of Global Sales, to the i2 team.

Gavin joined us in January 2024 as our new Senior Vice President of Global Sales. He will oversee the global sales and marketing function and help shape the growth strategy for i2 going forward. Here is some more about Gavin in his own words:

‘’In 2001, I began my career in the US telecoms software industry which set me on a career path in software sales. It is there that I built up invaluable experience in all aspects of both business and the software marketplace.Gavin resized

"Before joining i2, I was the Managing Director of another Harris business unit, Commerce Decisions. I held a variety of roles within Commerce Decisions all centred around sales and marketing and this enabled me to build up a solid sales track record and acquire skills, experience, and knowledge in leadership and strategy. During my time we expanded the business outside of the UK to locations in both Canada and Australia that enabled us to double the size of the business.

''Taking up the position of Senior Vice President of Global Sales at i2 was an opportunity too good to pass up – the mission, the team and the clients all aligned to make this a great place to be in 2024. We have many things planned for the business moving forward and it was a great time to join the team and support the journey.  

''The primary focus for my role will be on sustainable growth, encompassing the expansion of existing core geographic markets, and the exploration of new opportunities in the international arena. The prospect of navigating uncharted territories is both challenging and exciting, and I am looking forward to what lies ahead.

''Alongside the excellent wider leadership team, I will play a pivotal role in determining the strategy and direction of i2's business, with a clear objective of maintaining competitiveness, fostering innovation, and aligning with the evolving needs of our marketplace and burgeoning customer base.

''Having been with the business for just two months it is clear to me how passionate the team is about supporting our clients and ‘doing the right thing’.  The mission is everything, and it is clear to see this bleeds across from both internal to external stakeholders. It has been great to hear client success stories and the value that the i2 business provides both to our clients and the wider community they serve.

''Outside of work, I have a young family so spend plenty of time supporting my children’s many hobbies and interests. When I do find time for myself,  I am a keen open-water swimmer and swim regularly in races up and down the UK. I also like a nice long dog walk with Summer our Labrador.

"It is really great to be part of a company that has such an excellent reputation in the sector and I am looking forward to help i2 grow and explore new markets while maintaining the organisation’s commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction.''

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