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In collaboration with our partners Logicalis, Unitech Iberaoamericana, and MKCVI, we ran a highly successful series of international police meetings in Madrid, Barcelona, and Lisbon.

With the ever-changing demands placed on law enforcement, collaborative events like these play a pivotal role in fostering partnerships, knowledge-sharing, and best practice to ensure their analysts can respond to any situation.

Madrid: Bridging the divide with i2 Connect

The series of Iberian events kicked off in Madrid on January 29th and was a huge success, bringing together 65 individuals from various Spanish police divisions, the Spanish armed forces, and the Brazilian Police. Thanks to the participation of the Brazilian Embassy Police Attaché in Spain, attendees enjoyed an extended agenda with an extra hour of insightful discussions.

What truly set this event apart and helped break down language barriers, was the seamless communication between participants in portuñol.

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Barcelona: Navigating the future of policing with i2 Analysis Hub

On January 31st, Barcelona played host to another remarkable event – a round table session organized by i2 partners Logicalis and Unitech Iberaoamericana. With 30 participants, including the Brazilian Police and Mossos d'Esquadra (Catalonian Police), the event showcased the potential of Analysis Hub.

The agenda allowed clients to explore the full spectrum of Analysis Hub functionalities, demonstrated with intermediate and advanced examples. Conversations and networking during breaks added a personal touch to the event, reinforcing the importance of face-to-face interactions in collaborative events.

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Lisbon: Showcasing the path to enterprise solutions

Closing the event series was Lisbon on February 2nd. Organized by i2 partner MKCVI, it brought together 60 individuals, including the Brazilian Police, and various divisions of the Portuguese police and armed forces. We showcased here how i2 can expand to accommodate growing datasets and how i2 Analyst’s Notebook works in conjunction with i2’s enterprise offerings. Language was not a barrier in Lisbon either, with conversations flowing seamlessly in both Spanish and Portuguese. 

These successful partner events underscore the significance of collaboration, showcasing how partnerships with i2 not only provide innovative solutions but also create a platform for meaningful dialogue and growth within the law enforcement community.

As i2 continues to lead the way in link analysis, these partnerships stand as a testament to the shared vision of a safer and more connected world.

We would like to thank Guillermo Vallejo Baumann, i2’s LatAm Sales Leader, and Daniel Guzman, i2's Technical Specialist, who helped to organise these Iberian mini-events, presented at the various talks and demos, and shared their knowledge with the delegates.

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