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How financial analysts can use the Live Formatting feature in i2 to quickly and efficiently identify key accounts of interest.

In a world where every transaction tells a story, analysts need to understand the maze of data in complex financial transactions. It's a space where the truth is often obscured, and as money changes hands, a digital breadcrumb emerges that weaves through countless accounts, currencies, jurisdictions, and borders.

Live Formatting

Every transaction, however, carries vital clues waiting to be unlocked, and this is where Analysis Studio and Analysis Hub can assist the financial crime analyst. A feature called Live Formatting provides dynamic visual guidance when conducting money flow analysis so that analysts can quickly and efficiently identify key accounts of interest.

How the financial crime analyst can use this

Using a combination of Analysis Attributes, the value of financial transactions going both in and out of an account can be calculated. Conditional Formatting is then used to highlight which of these accounts are "profiting" in the network and which are not.

Applying the Conditional Formatting to Live Formating automatically changes the color of the accounts and helps the analyst to quickly gain an overview and gain greater insight into the complex web of financial transactions.

Watch this 3 minute demonstration video below to see how.