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Welcome Mat Johnson, our new Vice President of Professional Services, to the i2 team. 

Mat joined us in January 2024 as our new Vice President of Professional Services (PS). PS plays a key part in i2 to provide technical and domain subject matter experts to assist our users with their intelligence analysis.

Here is some more about Mat in his own words:Untitled design (33)

‘’Having been here only a short while, my first impressions are that i2 is a welcoming community of compassionate individuals, all sharing a common aspiration for excellence in our products. I firmly believe that the work we do here matters, and I am excited about contributing to the ongoing success and impact of our organisation.

“I am tasked with overseeing and strengthening the services organisation within i2, with a primary focus on delivering excellence. I am committed to leading a team that ensures our customers get maximum benefit from their investment. 

“I have come from Genial – another Harris business – where I have been involved in every aspect of its operation from software development and installation to leading services and support teams. I've witnessed firsthand the transformative impact our efforts can have on people's lives. In choosing to advance my career with i2, I am equally committed to delivering meaningful solutions.

“Outside of work, I am an avid mountain biker and proudly serve as the safeguarding officer at the local children's bike club. Additionally, I enjoy exploring my culinary skills, often spending summers behind the BBQ and smoker to create memorable family meals. An unexpected passion for me has been DJing, which has evolved into co-owning an online radio station, two record labels, and an events company. One of the highlights of this journey was organising an event at ADE, Amsterdam, where we had the privilege of connecting with our global DJs who broadcast on the station.

“I am looking forward to this exciting chapter with i2 and working collaboratively with all of you to further our mission and continuing to make a positive impact.’’

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