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A round-up of our largest i2 User and Training Conference North America to date, held in May 2024 in Alexandria, VA.

Last month we held our annual User and Training Conference 2024, held in the historic and vibrant city of Alexandria in Washington DC.  The attendance was significantly larger than in 2023, having grown to over 200 total delegates and we owe its success to the incredible community of attendees and speakers who brought enthusiasm, expertise, and passion to every session and discussion. You can watch our video recap below...



Training was at the heart of this year's conference, and we delivered hands-on training to more than 180 individuals. From basic fundamental sessions to advanced insights, these tracks were designed to empower our customers with the skills and knowledge to maximize the use of i2 products in their workplaces.



Linda Weissgold, our keynote speaker on day one enlightened us about her time as Former Deputy Director of Analysis for the CIA, and discussed in detail the art and science of intelligence analysis within the tumultuous recent events that are affecting the world. This was a great opportunity for those in attendance to learn from Linda’s experience navigating crises and hear about the important contribution intelligence analysis has made in understanding and confronting the challenges of our time.


On day two, our keynote was led by Joseph Krozak from Krozak Information Technologies and Herman Green from the U.S. Coast Guard who discussed the transformative impact of i2's Analysis Hub and Analyst's Notebook on the U.S. Coast Guard's maritime security operations. With a specific focus on the challenges posed by unauthorized launch activities in U.S. waters, this talk delves into how these advanced analytical tools are instrumental in managing, investigating, and illustrating workflows.


Additionally, a host of other amazing speakers shared visionary ideas and real-world applications that highlighted the transformative power of data analytics and intelligence when using i2 products. The speakers were from a variety of sectors and backgrounds including law enforcement, defense, drug trafficking, prison services and commercial sectors. These included Edward Cody and Remington Williams, from ATF, Julie Tillotson from Royal Canadian Mounted Police | Gendarmerie royale du Canada, Christopher 'Jake' Jacobson, PhD, PMP, Evan Smith, Jonathan Couch, The Brazilian Federal Police, and the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections.


Finally, one of our sponsors Four Inc hosted an amazing Miami Vice/80s-themed boat party.  It was a beautiful evening on the river and a great opportunity to talk to customers while taking in some spectacular views. It was lots of fun and a massive shout out to the Four Inc team for all of the effort and attention to detail they went to.


All of our sponsors and exhibitors helped us make the event a great success and we would like to thank; Four Inc., ShadowDragon, Globlue Technologies, IALEIA - International Association of Law Enforcement Intelligence Analysts and Fivecast for their support.


We also look forward to seeing people again, whilst also welcoming new faces, as we begin to plan and prepare for future conferences down the line.


i2 User and Training Conference Europe 2024

If the USA is a bit too far to travel, don't despair. We have our i2 User and Training Conference Europe taking place in London from 25-26 September 2024!

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