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i2 User and Training Conference

26 - 28 September 2023
London, UK
i2 User and Training Conference Europe 2023



ShadowDragon provides open source intelligence software and unique datasets to allow analysts the freedom to focus on the investigation, not the time-consuming tasks of managing data.

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Developed by seasoned cyber investigators, their products strengthen the
capabilities of in-house teams by enabling the easy and safe collection,
correlation, and verification of diverse artifacts on the open, deep,
and dark web.

SocialNet is ShadowDragon's flagship capability, which performs
automated searches of social networks and online account- based
activities by email addresses, aliases, and names. The results are
visualized in minutes to reveal detailed correlations, larger networks
of associates, and more.

ShadowDragon is based in the United States and dedicated to providing
their allies with every advantage. They combine decades of in-the-field
investigative experience with the bleeding-edge tactics and techniques
to reduce the friction of sourcing, collecting, and sorting open source

To find out more you can visit the ShadowDragon website or follow their Vimeo channel to view their podcast and video content.